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Being a leader of large organisations for over twenty years I bring to the business professionalism, determination, energy, deadline focus, empathy and a drive to complete all tasks to the highest standard.


I have been in a leadership position since 1991, with sixteen years of that as a Head Teacher in one of the largest primary schools in Nottingham.  During that time: I amalgamated two sets of staff; was fundamental in the design of a new school build; planned and implemented the logistics of moving premises; and expanded the numbers of staff and children who attended from two to three form entry in each year group.

With previously having to work up to seventy hours a week in a highly pressured job, with a large staff force and a challenging workload, I am fully aware and understand that at certain times of the year additional support is required, and if that is absent, then it is your home and social life that is compromised.

In the past year, I have decided to re-focus my energies on developing my own business, that at its heart will help to transform the lives of my clients. Having worked for decades in highly pressured environments, I am fully aware of the stresses and strains of meeting multiple deadlines and having to juggle work/life balance. I believe with my experience, expertise and enthusiasm I can help my clients achieve their aims.

I have a large and varied skill set but my key traits are logistics, problem solving and creative thinking. These skills can be applied to a multitude of tasks across not only various businesses, but also the home environment.

In my private life my passions include cooking, swimming, gardening and walking my two border collies. I have also been fortunate to travel to some unforgettable places throughout the world. Learning to dive off the Great Barrier Reef; visiting Hearst Castle in California; walking the catacombs in Rome and walking the expansive beaches of Norfolk have been my personal favourites so far.

I am extremely loyal, honest, trustworthy and have a very strong sense of fairness.

Are you unsure if I have that specific skill you need for that specific task?

Please see below the key skill sets and leadership qualities I developed over the years whilst being a head teacher and can offer:

As an organiser:

Ordered; precise; attention to detail; structured; careful; enjoy working with and analysing data; following directions logically in the right order; using efficient systems to arrange and keeping records; following tasks through to conclusion; planning and reviewing events and actions through to conclusion; plan events and actions in advance of when they need to happen; and completing paperwork to meet deadlines.

As a creator:

Able to use my own initiative; sensitive; empathetic; able to respond to and expand ideas; imaginative; spontaneous; practical minded; able to design solutions; and pay attention to detail.

As a communicator and working within teams:

Able to communicate to different audiences key messages; good listening skills; confident to ask questions where further clarification is required; give presentations and reports in different formats; understand how different people behave at different times; care for those I work with; empathic; mentor colleagues at various stages of career; observe and take account how others are feeling; deal with people in difficult situations; give sound support and advice; writing and computing skills; lead and manage both people and projects.

As a persuader;

Leading and managing people; ability to make tough decisions; take risks; take a lead; assertiveness; energetic; confident; ambitious; able to offer support and advice; give clear explanations; present reports; and motivational.

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