Business Trip Abroad Essentials

Technology continues to assist our lives, saving time. If your business takes you abroad or you are planning to be expanding worldwide this year, here are three great time savers to assist your business trip experience.

Venues to host your business

If you want to launch your business in a new country is a great site to visit with booking venues for your business. The site caters for a wide range of business meeting styles from hosting meetings to large conferences with different amenities to suit your style. It covers a range of locations in major world cities with a price range to suit your budget.

Quicker Car Rental

The second timesaver is through Hertz car hire. They are rolling out biometric scanners to allow businesspeople to bypass the rental check in counter, to have their car assigned for businesspeople to go straight to their pre-booked vehicle.

Not needing to check in at hotel reception

Lastly, The Hilton Hotel has ‘Hilton Honors members.’ Their hotels have developed a digital key app for a smartphone that will allow you to go straight to your room without having to queue up and wait at the reception to be served.

What to pack for a business trip abroad

In terms of essentials to pack for your business trip abroad these are my must have essentials you should remember to pack:
• Passport, travel and accommodation details
• Currency of your destination country
• Plenty of business cards
• A professional name badge and lanyard
• Extra pens / or cartridges if like me you prefer a fountain pen!
• Presentation remote clicker
• A paper copy of your presentation, just in case the technology their lets you down
• Tools that show off your business such as your biography or service / product summary
• Business cards of others that may be relevant and worth sharing
• Universal adapter for your computer to link up to other equipment such as a projector
• A blank memory stick
• Camera or I-pad for taking photos
• Phone charger
• Universal plug and power adapter
• Fresh breath mints
• Hand sanitizer and toiletries
• Something interesting to read or do
• In terms of clothing, consider what the temperature and climate is where you are going when you pack
• Mix and match business attire that will cut down on the number of clothes you take
• Have both smart and casual outfits for the evening if there is a loose itinerary
• Ensure you have the right shoes for the outfits you take
• Lastly, don’t forget your underwear and socks/tights!

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