Spotlight Interviews

Spotlight Interviews


It’s been great having Karen working with us at the 3 Shires Coaching Group. We have been using her to carry out Interviews with the Coaches in our group, for the ‘Coach-in-the-Spotlight’ feature that we offer our full members. These articles have featured in our newsletters, on the website and all coaches can use them for their own marketing, etc. I’d highly recommend Karen for many reasons, including her professionalism, lovely approachable nature, communication skills, and her excellent organisation! She’s really easy to talk to and listens really well, asking pertinent questions to help get the job done to our specifications. I will definitely use Karen’s excellent services again. 

Debbie Inglish

Square 2 Development / Debbie Inglis Associates / AQR International

Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire


Coach in the Spot Light Interviews

How well to you know someone you work with or frequently see?
This is a business support service where I Interview members of your group, network or business.The choice of questions is up to you if they are generic or questions with a twist!
Insight & information gained is written into a document which can be used for your website, newsletter or personal profile.
Here are some of the examples from ‘Coach in the Spotlight’ that I did for the 3 Shires Coaching Group:

I also have a blog post on my website which explores a further insight into questions techniques:



Nikki Alderson

Specialist Corporate and Executive Coach for Female lawyers

Nikki Alderson now uses her expertise from her previous career as a Barrister, where she wrestled with some of the most complex legal issues – as a Death Row Attorney in Jamaica through to being a Prosecutor on serious Rape and Sexual Offences. She left this behind in 2017 and launched her career as a Specialist Corporate and Executive Coach for female lawyers.

Whilst working in New Zealand, she managed to take a Bungee jump off the Kawaru Bridge and an amazing tandem skydive over Mount Cook, both of which she found breath-taking and inspirational. Working for the Maori people, she was made aware of Koru which later she adopted as her business logo. Koru symbolizes positive change, personal growth, new beginnings and this reflects accurately her own core beliefs around coaching.

Nikki has three children aged three, five and six who are also her passion. Her daughter, out of the three, is perhaps the most similar to Nikki as she is already becoming a leader, increasingly confident and not letting any knocks in life affect her.

Nikki draws on her successful career as a barrister, having gained an insight into the conflicting pressures and responsibilities that her clients experience on a daily basis. Despite serious cynicism within the legal profession, Nikki is ensuring her coaching is making a positive impact by addressing the imbalance in female lawyers who don’t progress further during their careers in comparison to their male counterparts. Her coaching is assisting female talent to be retained in the legal profession and enabling them to achieve their career ambitions. One of three aspects of her specialism is enhancing support for career break returners as well as those in career transition.

As Nikki is Yorkshire based if her clients are within this county she will usually work with them at their law premises. Across the UK and further afield, such as America, she uses Zoom. New clients seek Nikki out through her website and the fantastic blogs she writes both there, guest blogging and on LinkedIn.  She has also generated new business for herself through building trust and rapport whilst networking in legal circles, especially with HR professionals and Partners.

Advice Nikki would give to anyone considering a career in coaching include: getting a credible coaching qualification whilst ‘doing their day job’; have planned financial support and find your niche and stick with it – ‘The riches are in the niches.’

One of the books that has influenced Nikki’s business and service delivery is ‘Eat that Frog!’ written by Brian Tracy. This book has had a huge influence upon her own approach in overcoming procrastination and to increase personal performance at work. Nikki also uses aspects of the book to inform workshop content as it gives great hints and tips.

Her coaching business and career means that not only does she get to see the most amazing transformation in her client’s personal confidence and motivation to excel in their future career decisions, but also she gets to see her three children grow up. This would never have been possible if she had continued in her previous role (as a criminal barrister of nearly 20 years experience).

Nikki says: ‘A coaching conversation is a great way to start moving forward and out of the treacle.’



Kevin Hill.

Life coach for children and teenagers / Suicide intervention Coach


Kevin’s career has always been associated with working with children and teenagers. The early part of his career was spent teaching English in Taiwan to children of all ages. Whilst there, he met and married his wife Camille and became father to three of his four children. One of the greatest pressures he found whilst living there was the importance that society placed on perfection in all things.

Three years after he returned, Kevin decided to attend a two-day training event with the Coaching Academy. This reaffirmed the direction his career would now take with young people, as it was a natural progression from what he had done previously. The course ignited a passion in him to develop his coaching expertise further. Kevin has a love of learning and found the transition great fun. Kevin is now a highly successful coach with a passion for working with children and teenagers.

   Spike and Nutz, are two puppets that Kevin will sometimes use in his sessions with clients. ‘Spike,’ is a boyish, boy who always asks lots of questions, likes skateboards and actually has one! ‘Nutz’ is a coconut puppet, who is always lively getting into trouble. Kevin commented “It’s surprising how children and teenagers will open up when interacting with puppets which in other circumstances may have been difficult for them.”

A second area of coaching where Kevin is highly skilled is being a Suicide Intervention Coach. This is an extremely unique area. He found he could take personal experiences from when he was young and transform them into the skills needed to demonstrate the understanding, care and patience needed with a client in crisis. In his work, Kevin has found the two most common sets of people needing help through this are teenagers and middle-aged men. The greatest challenge for Kevin is to be able to intervene at the right time, proactively equipping clients with the skills to enable them to take their lives in a different direction. It is this aspect of his work he finds the most rewarding as a Coach.

Being a Life Coach is not being a Swimming or Sports Coach! This still surprises him along with the fact, that many in the United Kingdom perceive that your life has to be failing for anyone to require a Coach.

Kevin has learnt far more from talking and sharing expertise with other experienced Coaches compared to the rather narrow focus of some of the expensive coaching courses available. In particular they have helped him to understand the pressures and dynamics of running your own business successfully.

Did you know Kevin wrote ‘501 Things to do while on hold?’ This book emerged as a consequence of him arriving in the UK and constantly being placed on hold whilst trying to locate his luggage (which did around the world tour for ten days). The book is full of practical ideas, fun and silly things. It’s well worth a read as a dip-in book.

Lastly, Kevin has been married to his beautiful wife, Camille, three times but has never been divorced!



Debbie Inglis.

Leadership Coach / Coaching Skills Trainer & Coach Supervisor 

Debbie Inglis is an authentic lady who has a deep understanding and care for those she coaches. She primarily had a Career in Education spanning sixteen years, in a profession where there simply wasn’t the time to be a perfectionist in everything due to the heavy workload and pressures it presented. Realising where Education Policy was heading, Debbie sought the advice of a Career’s Specialist for a new direction. Three potential careers emerged from this: Charity Manager; Creative Marketing; and Life Coach. In 2004, Life Coaching was not as widely known about as it is today. Debbie grasped the opportunity to attend a Coach Training course as an observer for a day and by lunchtime she was hooked, knowing this was definitely where her future lay. She has loved Coaching ever since.

After four years of Coaching away from the Education Sector, Debbie decided to form her niche back within it. Many School Leaders did not feel they could talk to Educational Advisers when discussing their own challenges related to time and stress management. Having a Leadership Coach sitting outside of this relationship meant they could share personal information and trust that it remained private thereby empowering them to move on.

Debbie realised that Coaching is much harder than you might think. Coaching goes far beyond excellent listening and questioning skills; it’s also about other skills, plus a unique mindset which supports the achievement of successful outcomes.

For those considering a career in Coaching, Debbie would advise that you find your niche as soon as you can. This will not only attract the right type of clients that will benefit from your guidance but also impact on the success of your business. By having a niche, you can creatively influence your marketing specifically towards your identified group using their language, the challenges they face and be known as an ‘expert’ within that specific field.

Debbie’s specialist areas are Mental Toughness and Resilience, Coaching Skills Training and Coaching Supervision. Within education especially, she has found a growing need for coaching on mental toughness and resilience. From knowing her client base exceptionally well, Debbie has carefully crafted a range of flexible options, durations of time and services to fit around busy professional’s precise needs. This is also clearly reflected in her branding ‘Square 2,’ as often people will say ‘I’m back at square one!’ Square 2 is all about moving forward.

Debbie has continued to build on the skills her career review revealed through her love of archery.

She is both a Level 1 Archery Coach and ‘Have-a-go-Officer’ at her local club as a result. Debbie enjoys this pastime immensely as it is a great opportunity to relax, empower others and see the progress they all make together. The other fun fact readers may not be aware of is the challenge she set herself to learn Russian. This started as a result of helping find a neighbour’s cat!

When it comes to inspirational people for Debbie, it is not the most famous or renowned but ordinary people who make the most of the opportunities life throws at them or who show grit and determination to succeed in difficult times. The fact that Debbie could have never known she would become an International Coach and paid to go to work in Singapore is an amazing example of this.

‘Take the leap and the net will appear.’

Large Scale Project Management

Large Scale Project Management


 I have known Karen Hannon professionally and personally for over twenty years. In this time Karen established an excellent professional reputation in the world of Primary education, not least for her ability to thrive in the most challenging circumstances. Karen’s time management and organisational skills are outstanding and her attention to detail is exceptional. Integrity, honesty and professionalism are key values that Karen will bring to any organisation as well as being very loyal and hardworking. For all the reasons mentioned above I employed Karen to Project Manage a high-profile building transformation at this time, confident in the knowledge that this Project will arrive on time, on budget and completed to a high standard. I can recommend Karen Hannon to your organisation unreservedly. 

Dom Magner, Headteacher The Milford Academy, Clifton, Nottingham 

Site Plan 

Samples of reporting to the Governors

End of month update for governors: February 2019

  • Legal agreements such as Terms and Conditions and GDPR have been read and signed by both parties.
  • Meetings have taken place with the key stakeholders who will be regularly using the annex once completed. Their views have been taken into consideration for moving forward with the final plan.
  • The building layout has been mapped out with asset numbers assigned.
  • A detailed audit of the current condition of all rooms and spaces has been conducted and recorded.
  • A meeting with the head teacher has taken place to explain all proposed changes before moving forward.
  • As instructed City Schools IT will be upgrading the IT infrastructure throughout the building and supplying the equipment related to this. Two meetings have occurred, and we are now waiting for their quote and date to commence works.
  • Meeting with both the Facilities manager and Builder to go through all changes and work required. Each one has been given a job sheet with details for each room.

Building Overview with asset numbers assigned

Proposed Key Changes of use of existing space summary:

Asset No. Description Upgraded Use to be fit for purpose
7 Kitchen Relocation of washing machine and dryer.
11 Baby Changing Facilities Storage Area for M.O.O.S.E.
12 Milk Preparation Area Storage Area for M.O.O.S.E. Sink to be retained.
10 & 13 Activity rooms Dividing wall to be knocked through for continuous space.
15 Milk Preparation Area Transformed to a disabled toilet.
16 Toilet New entrance doorway into 13
17 Baby Changing Facilities Room to be gutted, exit to 13 boarded off. Storage for music guitars, djembe drums & percussion instruments.
18 Laundry Room to be gutted. Two adult toilets to be installed.
20 Corridor Corridor to be extended with an additional door fitted.
22 Art / Small Group / Breakout Room Sink area to be relocated. 3 children’s toilets to be fitted with access for children working in 22 and 22.
23 EYFS Toilets Doorway to 24 blocked off. Relocation of toilets and sinks.
24 Conference Room New kitchen area, doors, windows & partition door fitted.
26 Store Security to door strengthened to become a secure store.

End of month update for governors: March 2019

  • The dividing wall between asset 10 and 13 for the after school base M.O.O.S.E. has now been knocked through. This is a much better use of space providing a continuous flow. Credit here needs to go to March update for this idea.
  • Other major building works completed during March:
    • Gutting asset rooms 11, 12, 15 and 16 which were previously baby changing and milk preparation facilities.
    • Boarding the two window hatches from asset 11 and 12.
    • Creation of a new doorway to access the toilet from asset 13 directly.
    • Existing doorways removed between asset numbers – 13/14, 13/17, 15/21.
    • Relocation and new piping for the radiators in asset 13 and 27.
    • Fibre cabling with a new hub, phone data points has now been installed throughout the annex
  • The builder who is doing a good job working on all the building alterations has now confirmed it is possible to have the two adult toilets in asset 18 which was originally the laundry. This further enhances the conference suite facilities for hire.
  • Tendering of three quotes to demonstrate best value for lighting, blinds, vinyl, carpet and windows have been conducted. Quotes ready for head teacher and governor final approval.
  • The lighting survey found there are improvements from upgrading which could save the school considerable costs in the future – two examples of this are: replacing all lighting from 60w with LED15w; and altering the site emergency lighting to reflect what is actually needed. Some parts of the annex such as the laundry have three emergency lights where only one is required.
  • Creation of a cleaner’s store has now been planned in for once the nursery toilets have been relocated in asset 22. This will make better use of this dead space and mean the cleaning team won’t have to be taking their equipment between the buildings.

Key Changes of use of existing space summary:

Asset No. Description Upgraded Use to be fit for purpose
7 Kitchen Relocation of washing machine and dryer.
11 Baby Changing Facilities Storage Area for M.O.O.S.E.
12 Milk Preparation Area Storage Area for M.O.O.S.E. Sink to be retained.
10 & 13 Activity rooms Dividing wall to be knocked through for continuous space.
15 Milk Preparation Area Transformed to a disabled toilet.
16 Toilet New entrance doorway into 13
17 Baby Changing Facilities Room to be gutted, exit to 13 boarded off. Storage for music guitars, djembe drums & percussion instruments.
18 Laundry Room to be gutted. Two adult toilets to be installed.
20 Corridor Corridor to be extended with an additional door fitted.
22 Art / Small Group / Breakout Room Sink area to be relocated. 3 children’s toilets to be fitted with access for children working in 22 and 23.
23 EYFS Toilets Doorway to 24 blocked off. Relocation of toilets and sinks. Creation of a cleaner’s store for equipment.
24 Conference Room New kitchen area, doors, windows & partition door fitted.
26 Store Security to door strengthened to become a secure store.

End of month update for governors: April 2019

  • Meeting with head teacher to determine successful tenders from the quotes submitted. A full set of all quotes has been given to the Business manager for auditing purposes to demonstrate best value.
  • The builder continues to be given updated instructions as he progresses on the project detailing with what is needed.
  • Orders for: Conference room window and sliding doors; blinds; lighting; carpets and vinyl are now complete.
  • A Skip hired was hired with the waste building materials removed from site during the Easter vacation.
  • Nursery toilets and cubicles removed
  • Kitchen upgrade of new surfaces and appliances have been ordered for asset 7
  • New instant hot water boiler and fitted kitchen to replace the old nursery level one in the conference room asset 24 ordered.

Rationale for successful tenders

  • Windows – ABC quote was the mid of the three submitted. Strong reputation for good quality and aftercare sales. DEF although the cheapest had mixed reviews of quality. GHI windows quote was significantly higher.
  • Blinds – JKL Blinds were the most competitive of the three companies sourced. This company installed blinds at Ambleside in 2006, which when I left in 2018 still looked brand new in excellent condition. Other companies who submitted quotes were the MNO Limited and OPQ Blinds.
  • Carpet & Vinyl – RST Carpets and UVW Carpets were highly competitive against each other. XYZ carpets were extremely cheap in comparison to the other two but didn’t present themselves as professional with both the measuring process and conduct over the phone. Final decision has gone with UVW Carpets as they were the mid-priced quote and therefore the best value for money for the Academy.
  • Lighting – ABC were the school preferred supplier for all electrics. As part of ensuring the annex is futureproofed and can save money where possible in the long term. DEF were invited on site to perform a survey of the current lighting in place. Their findings demonstrated significant savings could be made by switching to LED lighting which would amount to £8,412.00 over a five-year period. The decision was made to use Energy save for the lighting replacement and continue to use ABC for all other electrical works in the refurbishment.
  • Toilets – Tender site visits have and are still taking place.
  • Safety Shutters – Waiting for quotes back on these.


Apart from the three unisex toilet cubicles, the major expenditure for the project has now taken place. The next phase consists of shelving in high performance areas such as the M.O.O.S.E. base and Music room, followed finally by decoration and furnishings.

Item Company  Cost
Windows & Sliding Door A  £   4,177.00
Blinds B  £   1,496.26
Carpets & Vinyl C  £ 10,211.00
Electrical Work D  £   1,837.75
Lighting E  £   9,928.01
Data & Fibre cabling F  £ 10,488.19
IT Hardware G  £ 11,717.50
Water boiler H  £       325.00
Kitchens x2 I £      1942.35

Total spend to date: £ 52,123.06

End of month update for governors: May 2019

  • Order for: the x3 Unisex toilets has gone through the tender process to ensure best value for money before ordering. The wall from the old nursery toilets has been knocked through in preparation to make way for this.
  • Several of the radiators have been relocated. Location of Interactive White Boards, walls knocked through and maximising storage space are reasons for this.
  • Similarly, baby changing facilities, sinks and boilers which are no longer required in Assets 11, 15 and 16 have been removed and the plumbing water pipes correctly sealed off.
  • Many of the minor works required in the different rooms have now been completed to the extent that five pages of building tasks has now been reduced to two. The builder continues to be given updated instructions as he progresses on the project detailing with what is needed.
  • A new instant hot water boiler has been fitted in the conference kitchen. This will now mean delegates attending courses in the annex will not have to wait for boiling kettles during breaks enabling more time to be dedicated to the training taking place.
  • All electrical works have now been completed. This comprised of both new fittings and safely sealing off sockets which were no longer needed such as redundant sockets where the wall has been removed between assets 10 & 13.
  • The lighting has now been replaced throughout the building. This has been completed to a high-quality spec and finish. The Milford Academy will save the school over eight thousand pounds in the next five years due to the energy saving devices now put in place.

Organisational  Support  for your home

Organisational Support for your home


Karen offered an excellent service working alone in my household on some project management tasks. She was professional, courteous and respectful at all times and I can recommend her absolutely without any reservations. Her service is second to none.

Carol Magner, RCDP MCDI BA, Bramcote, Nottinghamshire

Mrs Hannon was a great help sorting and organising my bedrooms which included three large wardrobes. I now have all my clothes arranged neat and tidy by colour and type. I couldn’t believe something as simple as having the same coat hangers throughout would make a big difference too! This has made it so much easier to find what I want to wear now. Mrs Hannon was so helpful, I would certainly recommend her to take on any home organisation for you.

June Smith, Retired Business Lady. Toton, Nottinghamshire


Spare Bedroom


Project Management  &  Source Quoting  For The Home

Project Management & Source Quoting For The Home

Logistical Support at your home

Location Beeston, Nottingham

Client was a lady who didn’t enjoy going and looking at different products and getting quotes.


Project to source and provide three quotes for replacing the existing kitchen: worktop surface; kickboard; cupboard door; sink and taps; gas hob; extractor fan and hood. Secondly, to source and book quote visits for three kitchen fitters and three painters.

Examples of communication updates during the project.

Please note regular meetings were held in addition to this.

Electronic Files Organisation

Electronic Files Organisation


Karen helped me so much getting my business back on track and for getting to the bottom of what I needed to help my business move forward. She had the amazing ability to help and advise me in the most positive, warm and supportive manner. Karen opened my mind to new ways of working remotely and gave me the best online support ever! I can’t wait to use her services again. 

Rebecca Hart, West Bridgford, Nottingham 

Electronic files organisation 

  • Organisation of electronic files from desktop & folders / deletions of repeated files 
  • Ensuring Marketing Folder is concise to draw reference from as opposed to one folder 
  • Tree diagram overview created for pathways into each of the six main sub-folders 
  • Testimonials Collated into one document 
  • Evaluation & client overview created in excel / analysis  
  • Photograph stock reduced from 3000 to 500  


Primary School  Leader  Support

Primary School Leader Support


Karen has a wide range of skills that will be central to the success of ‘Busy Lives!’. She is logical, methodical and organised and has an excellent eye for detail. Whether it is a question of planning and implementing new storage or filing systems for the home or workplace or suggesting ways of improving life-work balance through better time-management, her advice will be clear and based on personal experience. Karen looks for creative and practical solutions to problems and works efficiently to put them in place. Any task she undertakes will be carried out to the highest standards. Having known and worked with Karen for many years I can recommend her as someone who is utterly trustworthy and a pleasure to work with.

Rosemary Chapman, Vice Chair of Governors


I have known Karen professionally over the last 16 years. During this time I have witnessed first-hand her growth as a leader in successfully addressing a raft of challenges in order to run such a large city primary school following expansion. The growth of the school was a huge undertaking and Karen demonstrated a very considered and strategic approach in her thinking and planning.

As Chair of the P6P, a group of 6 schools committed to working in partnership, I have always valued Karen’s contribution. Her exemplary professionalism ensured that she was extremely well read and prepared for all meetings, displaying a real meticulousness for detail. Combined with many other positive attributes such as being insightful, analytical, and creative Karen supported the group to become extremely effective in delivering its ambitious intended outcomes to the benefit of so many within our school communities.

Efficiency and effectiveness are key aspects of Karen’s professional role and she is committed to supporting others in order to manage their lives.

Gary Fullwood, Executive Head Teacher & Chair of the P6P


Karen excels at bringing a high degree of skill, efficiency and organisation to everything she does.  She is very good at analysing challenging problems and situations accurately and finding solutions and bringing order to them systematically. Her attention to detail is exceptional and all her work is carried out to a very high professional standard.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Karen and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Edith Pagliacci, Chair of Governors


Important aspects that can impact on a school ethos and forward direction which often become the bottom of the list to do

There are certain weeks of the academic year where you could really do with a duplicate of yourself. Or, it may be that a key member of your leadership team is absent.

The day to day running of the school continues but in the background the paperwork is mounting up & adding additional pressures you just do not need.

I am in position to help you.

  • Analyse data outcomes & report back key findings and actions required
  • Research staff opinion and attitude on an area of your choice
  • Conduct your staff appraisal cycle on your behalf
  • Preparation & paperwork for the recruitment and retention of staff
  • Construct, analyse, report on stakeholder surveys
  • Be there as a sounding board to listen & support you
  • Mentor new leaders to the school with their JD’s or National Qualifications
  • Chairing or minute taking meetings
  • Something not listed you need help with, just ask!

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