The quality of your website and the information within it is a fundamental part of your online reputation. Along with Social Media it is one of the main methods people now use find out more about you and your business.

From attending some excellent ‘Digital Growth Programme’ courses this Blog post shares some of best tips I have learnt for you to check against the effectiveness of your website.

  1. Assess how effective your website is running and its key messages.
  2. Evaluating the effectiveness of your website and reputation against your competitors
  3. Acting on actions to be the best within the marketplace.

Assess how effective your website is running and key messages.

Top ten tips taken from my checklist include:

  1. The home page is welcoming and makes people want to explore your site.
  2. Key information about your business is above the fold line / active window.
  3. The business name clear and repeated on all the pages.
  4. Contact telephone number on all pages.
  5. ‘Call to Action’ present on all the pages.
  6. Testimonials page validates who you are and your expertise.
  7. Clear messages as to why use me and what the benefits are to you.
  8. Interesting and relevant pictures used throughout the site.
  9. Good page load speed of your website on both a desktop and mobile device.
  10. The size and location of where your business serves clear.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of your website and reputation against your competitors

Sometimes the simplest methods give you the clearest answers. I use the table below to compare clients and their competitor’s sites. I usually compare between five to ten competitors to gain a good feel for the marketplace.

3 Top tips:

  1. Before you commence decide if your competitor search is going to be local, national or global.
  2. Use your website as the last business you search and review.
  3. Keep from 3 to 5 bullets for each business and make them succinct.


Name / DescriptionStrengthsWeaknessesPrices (if relevant)


Acting on Actions to be the best within the marketplace.

Just like attending training and gaining new information, if you do nothing with it and not act upon it the result is a waste of your time. Pull out the common key features that your competitors currently have on their websites or are missing from yours. I use the following four headings to compile this:

  1. Recommendations / Next steps.
  2. Short term quick wins.
  3. Longer term content and page areas to improve.
  4. Technical improvements the web provider will need to.

Why your online reputation matters?

Having a great website will contribute strongly towards your online reputation and will:

  • Give you a competitive advantage to attracting and gaining new clients for your business.
  • Gives people an experience of not only what you do, but your brand and your reputation.
  • By adding new pages or blog posts demonstrates that you are an expert in what you do.
  • By adding new pages or blog posts improve your ranking with Google searches.
  • Validate who you are and how people perceive you.

Giving you precious time back

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