Logistical support at your home

How I can help you?

Home is often the last place where our energies and time are placed. Logistical and organisational support for you within your home environments, is something I have the time to complete on your behalf. Let me make it easier to find what you want straight away throughout your home from that important document to your favourite items of clothing.

This work focuses on the logistical re-organisation of any existing storage used in any part of the home, together with the creation of new storage and filing systems where needed, so that space is optimised, and you can access what you need in a systematic and orderly manner.

This part of my service also extends to handling all aspects of moving-house for yourself or family.

Smaller business owners may have different needs can help with, such as setting up a home office with a manageable filing system.


Telephone: 07565 722 031

Duties I am able to ease your home time pressures through:

Executive support for you with optimising the space and storage you have

  • Re-organisation of cupboards and wardrobes which need attention.
  • Make the most of the space and storage you have or would like to improve upon.
  • Tackle that room, shed or garage which has become ‘the sort later room, that started as a drawer and became a room!’ Effectively organising its contents so that items used regularly able to be accessed quickly.

Executive support for you with your own paperwork and utilities

  • Deal personally with all paperwork associated with your wider life.
  • Design a system that will work for you with how you store and stay on top of your paperwork.
  • Create clear and effective filing systems for your household utilities and other home documents. Provide the additional option for me to revisit on a quarterly basis to file new papers and maintain your system.
  • Research best value for utility bills and purchases for the home.

Executive support for you improving your home to house relocation

  • Assist with arrangements, quotes, costings and delivery for specific home improvement items and projects.
  • Make your home look good for viewings when putting it on the market.
  • Unpack and organise your belongings making the best use of space in your new home.
  • Sort and pack the contents of a residence after a personal life change, or if family member has passed away.

Executive support for you if you are a small business owner managing and organising paperwork

  • Help by setting up the running your office from home.
  • Create and collate confidential paper and electronic records systems.
  • If you are a limited company, ensuring all related paperwork is in place and up to date for Companies House.
  • Website review and comparison against your competitors websites.
  • Writing a business plan
  • Be able to input information and data for the business and produce summaries either verbally or in a written report.
  • Paper management and maintenance of filing systems.
  • Basic bookkeeping, issuing and processing invoices.
  • Writing and managing your correspondence with clients and businesses.
  • Organisation of your electronic stored documents into logical management folders, making it easy to find any document quickly when you need it.
  • Archive or shred paperwork older than: credit and utility bills 1 month; bank statements 1 year; 5 years for HRMC; 6 years for business records and company records; and 7 years for receipts that support tax deductions.
  • I am also able to offer support working alongside you as your executive assistant as and when you require this service.

Logistical support

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