Organising & knowing what presents to buy

Organising & knowing what presents to buy

This post is aimed at busy people who do not know where to start and how to organise the selection and choice of present for someone else; be it a friend, family member or business connection.

The culture and attitude towards buying presents has changed significantly over the decades. The thought of re-gifting or using a present received for charity was previously a definite no. The definition of a present as a ‘gift’ is that it is part of a celebration and demonstrates the value we have towards another person. So how do you choose and buy the right present, so everyone really does feel valued?


  1. Buying a present
  2. Key Starting Point
  3. Questions to Consider when buying a present for someone
  4. Quick 5 step start to buying a present
  5. Great websites for presents supporting local and independent small businesses
  6. How Busy Lives! can help with buying and wrapping your presents

Buying a present

This can vary considerable from someone you know really well to hardly at all, with both people you have met through business or family. Top tips before you embark:

  • Have an overall budget in mind for how much you are going to spend overall on everyone.
  • List everyone you will be buying for.
  • Assign an amount limit for each person and check these fall within the overall limit you have set. Adjust amounts for certain people until you are happy not going over the limit you have set.

Key Starting Point

Find out as much information as you can about the person you are buying for. This may be common sense but believe me, there are people out there will just go into a shop or visit a website they like and randomly just buy something. In these eco-conscious times, surely it is also more desirable to present a gift that is ‘valued’ by the receiver than just more landfill!

It is almost like being a detective to get this right!

Whether you are going to buy the presents yourself or use the services of Busy Lives! to do this for you there is a common way forward. Below are my key questions. I select from and use some of these if I am asked to find a gift for someone who I do not know at all. Hope you find them useful:


Questions to Consider when buying a present for someone

  1. What is the relationship to the person you are intending to buy for?
  2. What do they enjoy doing the most either in their spare time or at work?
  3. What is there favourite food or drink?
  4. What age band do they fall in? Is there a current trend for this group?
  5. Do they have a healthy lifestyle with both fitness and food?
  6. Do they have a hobby or special interest in something?
  7. Do they enjoy going to the theatre or cinema?
  8. Do they enjoy reading a book, e-book or listening to an audio book?
  9. Do they have a favourite colour?
  10. Do they have any children living at home?
  11. Do they have a pet they adore?
  12. Do they enjoy celebrating Christmas / Birthdays?
  13. Are they the sort of person what would enjoy something really different such a ‘Red letter day event?’
  14. Are they a ‘follower’ who likes to have/wear popular brand items?
  15. Are they a person that would appreciate a gift that is from an independent business?
  16. Are they the type of person who would like a sponsorship gift for a charity they value?
  17. Are they the type of person who would like one main gift or a gift basket compilation?
  18. Are they the type of person who would value an experience as opposed a physical gift?
  19. Are they the type of person who would prefer a date booked in your diary where you spend quality time with them doing something or visiting somewhere special?
  20. Would they appreciate a high quality keep sake?

Quick 5 step start to  buying a present

  • Once you have the answers to your questions you can start gathering ideas and possibilities for what to buy for each person.
  • Go back to your original budget set for them and check your ideas fall within the limit set.
  • If you are buying something unique or personalised for someone, these are the presents which need to be purchased first and not left until the last minute.
  • Group the list into common areas. This will save you time both if you are buying from the High Street or over the Internet.
  • Remember to buy wrapping paper, gift bags or boxes for the present along with what you will seal the present with; cellotape, string, ribbon which people often forget to buy. If it is a really special present there are a wide range of accessories you can add from tissue paper and sequins inside the wrapping paper to fancy bows on the top.

Supporting local and independent small business with an actual unique gift

I always laugh when I see shop flyers in the newspapers that state they have an unique gift which cannot be bought anywhere else. What about the circulation of this to the thousands!

Here are a few businesses who I have met who are far more unique with what they offer:

  • Art
  • Business
  • Food and Drink
  • Home Accessories
  • Jewellery and keepsakes
  • Pampering and skin care



Name of business
Sarah Perkins Art
Website address
Present idea
Pet portraits and animal art. Works can also then be made into cushions, coasters, cards and mugs.
Typical Price range
£195.00 for an A4 portrait through to 36×36 portrait £750.00



Name of business
William Hannah Leather Notebooks
Website address
Present idea
Bespoke designed notebooks and inserts made from Italian Leather and suede. Wide range of colours you can have made to reflect the business brand colours.
Typical Price range
£90.00 for the Notebook with additional reasonable amounts added on as you personalise its features – embossed business logo on for instance


Food and Drink

Name of business
Bawdon Lodge Farm
Website address
Present idea
Variety of different Gins and vintage cordials
Typical Price range
Vintage cordials around £5.50 Gin collection around £35.00


Name of business
The Butler’s Pantry (Derby) Limited
Website address
Present idea
Bespoke vouchers
Typical Price range
£50.00 Private cookery tuition on a one to one basis (2hrs in duration)

£60.00 Cookery tuition for 2 people (2hrs in duration)

£120.00 Cookery demonstration event for up to 6 guests (2.5hrs)


Name of business
Cotswold Food Hampers
Website address
Present idea
Luxury food and drink hampers for him, her and corporate. Hampers also tailored for vegans or those who love their champagne available.
Typical Price range
From £40.00 through to £250.00


Home Accessories and gifts

Name of business
Little Corner of Happiness
Website address
Present idea
Prints, bangles, home accessories and unique planners and diaries.
Typical Price range
From £3.00 – £30.00


Name of business
Website address
Present idea
A range of bespoke laser cut wood, slate or Perspex gifts with personal wording and images. Religious gifts are available.
Typical Price range
Starting prices are between £22.00 and £80.00


Jewellery and keepsakes

Name of business
Always be keepsakes and gifts
Website address
Present idea
Beautiful personalised gifts, engraving, handprint and footprint silver jewellery such as charm beads, bracelets.
Typical Price range
From £10.00 – £75.00


Pampering yourself

Name of business
Beautiful Feeling (Attenborough NG9)
Website address
Present idea
Vouchers available for specific treatments or monetary value.
Typical Price range
£27.50 to £43.50 Range of Massages.

£15.00 to £35.00 Manicure.

£17.00 to £32.00 Pedicure.


Name of business
Vicki Brown FLP
Website address
Present idea
A range of natural based products such as Aloe Vera that support everything from skincare, nutrition, sports and fitness.
Typical Price range
Starting prices are from as little as £7.99 through to over £100.00

Please note there is no financial educement with any of the websites listed above.


How Busy Lives! can help with buying and wrapping your presents

Busy Lives! was created when I left a busy career that left me time poor and not able to give sufficient priority to what really mattered to me. I now help support others in that position.

I am happy to source, buy and / or wrap your presents ready for that special day.

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