Writing your first ever blog challenge!

Celebrate the differences in everyone!

It’s fabulous really, that we’re all an expert in our own individual fields and can compliment each other and develop a great working partnership as a result of it.

I learnt yet another new skill recently, from attending ‘Blogging for Business’ led by the extremely talented presenter. How amazing is that!

So what are my top five tips and actions from the course?

  1. Be consistent when you publish your blogs.
  2. Stick to your goals and principles of both you and your business when you are blog.
  3. Use the blog to showcase and get your knowledge base across.
  4. Use this as an opportunity for people to get to know you as a person through your blog.
  5. Don’t copy and paste your blog across different social media platforms.

One of the other people attending hadn’t heard of a E.A. before, which the presenter also clearly explained and gave this great example he uses his E.A. to organise and book all elements of his business trips. This in turn frees up time for him to spend more of his time at work concentrating on what he enjoys most and is really passionate about.

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘What takes me ages, that I don’t enjoy doing within my work, which would actually be more time and cost effective for someone else to do?’ then why not be brave and let me do this for you?

Have a look at the Busy Lives! Remote Support page on

Executive Virtual Assistant is just one of the services I can assist you with your workload and time management with.

I love organising!


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