Busy Lives! Is a freelance service providing one off projects through to regular and continuous support tailored to your individual and precise needs. I provide bespoke support to help you solve your problems specialising in organisation and business support. I understand the stresses and strains of juggling multiple deadlines from my previous career, which is why I set this business up to help others who may be overwhelmed with their workload.

Why should you consider using me and what is the benefit for you?

Professional reliable service with high standards and expectations.

Extremely thorough at meeting your exact and individual needs.

Prompt turnaround and completion of all work assigned.

How can I save you money on your business expenditure by using me?

No staffing on costs such as pensions, NI, holiday and sick pay.

No long-term commitment, I support you only during the times you need it.

Charges reflect when I’m working on task which provides you with excellent value for money.

Let me help you gain precious time back, by using my energies, for you to achieve and make the most of all your life!

I Do the things you don’t like to do,
the things you don’t have time to do,
the things that may take you much longer than me to do!

“Her attention to detail and clarity of thought adds helpful dimensions for those who have busy lives and need a wise hand to guide them behind the scenes.”

“Karen has always been highly professional with a human touch, very efficient yet has a great sense of humour.”

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