Recruitment Procedures

This blog post is a sharing of my knowledge and experience of recruiting and interviewing over my years in Education. It incorporates: what to avoid and the background organisation required to make the whole process run smoothly, which can really make a difference on the day.

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Organising & knowing what presents to buy

Guide to organising and buying presents for someone else. If you do not know where to start and how to organise the selection and choice of present for someone else this blog post is for you!

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Outsourcing – when & why

One of my favourite top growth tips which I read frequently is all business owners should consider outsourcing and delegate anything you can! This blog post explores the rationale behind this.

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Do you need a VA, PA or EA?

Do you need a VA, PA or EA? Understand what a VA PA EA is and the differences between them. By outsourcing support using these services reflect how you could gain precious time back to concentrate on your core business and quality of life outside of work.

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Logistical support

for business leaders with their home environments

Executive and personal assistant

support at the workplace

Virtual support

remotely for business and home life