Remote Business Support

How I can help you?

Busy lives! is happy to work remotely on many tasks on your behalf, not taking up additional space at your business which you may not have the space for. Regardless of your size of business I can solve your problems, cater for your needs and address the work you know needs doing you have not got the time to do yourself.

The key skills I apply when working remotely include: the ability to work effectively alone and follow all given tasks through to conclusion; effective time management skills with the resourcefulness, capacity and flexibility to work out of standard hours, if you have a pressing deadline; good communication skills through all types of media; the ability to work alone for periods of time without disruption; and reliability, installing confidence in your expectations that all work will be completed to a high standard, always professionally formatted and presented.

Busy Lives! reassures clients by continuing to be accredited with the IASME Cyber Essentials certification in place. This ensures all files and documentation has robust security measures in place against possible cyber-attack.


Telephone: 07565 722 031

Areas of remote business and wider life organisational support

  1. Remote Business support for the running of your business
  2. Remote Electronic File organisation
  3. Remote Website review and competitor comparison
  4. Remote Data analysis, presentations and reports
  5. Remote business support for with your own paperwork
  6. Remote business support dealing directly with your business projects and clients
  7. ‘X’ in the Spotlight via ‘Zoom!’
  8. Life Admin and Paperwork


Length-bookings taken from an hour remote business support upwards.
Duration -can be a one-off, weekly, monthly or timings that suit you and your business.
Location -this is done remotely from my home. Please be assured you will always receive excellent value for money.

Duties I am able to ease your workload through:

Remote Business support for the running of your business 

  • Data entry, analysis and reports of key findings and actions now required. (My favourite!) 
  • Updating and consistently formatting business forms, papers and policies. 
  • Business research and summaries. 
  • Report writing and policy creation. 
  • Compiling presentations using word or PowerPoint. 
  • Word processing. 
  • Document creation. 
  • Recruitment procedures and paperwork. 
  • Consultant training resources, materials and cards. 
  • Assisting with arrangements, quotes and costings for specific projects. 
  • Handwritten services for cards, letters, envelopes.  
  • Social Media bank of graphics which incorporate your brand logo. 
  • LinkedIn profile / Google my business content updates.  

Every business is unique. Something else you need help with just ask!  

Let me help you gain precious time back, by using my energies, for you to achieve and make the most of all your life!

Remote Electronic File organisation

  • Random documents and files all saved to your desktop or in one enormous folder can be organised systematically so that you can find them straight away.   
  • Whether it is organising and creating a new system that will work for you or filing into an existing system, this is something I love to do and one of my most frequently requested services!  
  • All your documentation and handling of it is secure, totally confidential which reflected in my terms and conditions of service. 

Remote Website review and competitor comparison 

The quality of your business website is really important, as it forms part of your online reputation and how people find out about you. Do you have the best website in comparison to your key competitors? 

I have created a three-stage thorough review to help you make the most of it to attract new clients:  

  • Stage 1. A checklist to assess how effective your website is running alongside those vital key messages about you and your business.  
  • Stage 2. Evaluation on how effective your website is against your current competitors in the marketplace, you choose if this is local or national.  
  • Stage 3. A set of clear and concise recommended actions to take along with general thoughts and ideas how you or your web designer can develop it further to make a noticeable impact. 

Remote Data analysis, presentations and reports 

You may be surprised about the wealth of information and data you have on your business. Understanding this and being able to act upon it can really influence and make a difference to how you progress with your current and future business plans. 

Let me analyse your data and summarise its findings to help you strategically use this information to further improve and make an impact for your business. This information may range from summarising your key points from a project, to presenting raw data highlighting what needs to be focused upon. 

This can be fed back in a variety of ways: 

  • Verbally through a ‘Zoom’ meeting. 
  • Word written report. 
  • Word visual report with headlines. 
  • PowerPoint presentation.  
  • Excel spreadsheets and charts. 

Examples of areas you may wish to explore that clients request:  

  • Are your clients using all the products/services you offer available? 
  • Do new clients generate as much business as existing ones? 
  • Do you implement strategic actions as a result of data findings & customer surveys? 
  • Where is the majority of your business being generated from? 
  • What products/services give you the best return for the time they take and cost?  

X in the Spotlight! 

How well to you know someone you work with or frequently see?  

This is a service where I Interview members of your group, network or business by a ‘Zoom’ meeting arranged at a time that suits them. The choice of questions is up to you if they are generic or questions with a twist!  

Insight & information gained is written into a document which can be used for your website, newsletter or personal profile.  

Life Admin and Paperwork

  • Let me help you gain precious time back, by using my energies for you to achieve the most of your spare time.
  • Dealing personally with all paperwork associated with your wider life.
  • Creating an effective filing system for your household paperwork. You then choose to maintain it yourself or let me do it for you.
  • Organising special occasions and events for your business or social life.
  • Designing a system that will work for you & your family with staying on top of key dates, events reminders & your paperwork.
  • Researching best value for utilities renewals.
  • Holiday scoping
  • Sourcing presents for family and friends.
  • Tailoring a bespoke service to your needs.
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