Executive support remotely for your business and wider life

How I can help you?

Regardless of your size of business I can solve your problems, cater for your needs and address the work you know needs doing but have limited time in which to achieve it.

I will work remotely on many tasks on your behalf, not taking up additional space at your business which you may not have the luxury of having.

Proactively chase progress on projects both within and external to your work. This can still provide you with your workload eased and precious time saved so that you can concentrate on your strategic work and the smooth running of the business.

Similar to working at your business, I am able to professionally provide flexible cover remotely for a business if your employed executive support / personal assistant is not currently at work due to vacation or illness.

The key skills I apply when working remotely include: the ability to work effectively alone and follow all given tasks through to conclusion; effective time management skills with the resourcefulness, capacity and flexibility to work out of standard hours, if you have a pressing deadline; good communication skills through all types of media; the ability to work alone for periods of time without disruption; and reliability, instilling confidence in your expectations that all work will be completed to a high standard, professionally formatted and presented.


Telephone: 07565 722 031

Duties I am able to ease your workload remotely through:

Executive support for you if you are a small or medium business owner managing and organising paperwork

  • Help by setting up the running your office from home.
  • Create and collate confidential paper and electronic records systems.
  • If you are a limited company, ensuring all related paperwork is in place and up to date for Companies House.
  • Review of your website and comparison against your competitors websites.
  • Writing a business plan
  • Be able to input information and data for the business and produce summaries either through verbally or in a written report.
  • Paper management and maintenance of filing systems.
  • Basic bookkeeping, issuing and processing invoices.
  • Writing and managing your correspondence with clients and businesses.
  • Organisation of your electronic stored documents into logical management folders, making it easy to find any document quickly when you need it.
  • Archive or shred paperwork older than: credit and utility bills 1 month; bank statements 1 year; 5 years for HRMC; 6 years for business records and company records; and 7 years for receipts that support tax deductions.
  • I am also able to offer support working alongside you as your executive assistant as and when you require this service.

Executive remote support for all sizes of business with your own paperwork and organisation

  • Deal personally with all business matters confidential to you.
  • Maintain, schedule and book meetings into your personal diaries.
  • Ensure clear and effective filing systems of electronic documentation, ensuring security and prevention of cyber-attack.
  • Provide efficient and accurate executive support by preparing papers for meetings, liaising with members, taking accurate minutes, and either circulating or storing papers as directed.
  • Co-ordinate the communication flow between your senior business team, internal and external contacts.
  • Ensure security procedures and confidentiality of all documentation adheres GRDP (May 2018).
  • Database entry, this can range from your new business card contacts address and setting a reminder when to get in touch with them, through to ensuring your works database is current and up to date meeting your requirements.
  • Research legislation and policy as requested which the business may need to adopt and provide the business with background papers on the key requirements.
  • Produce documentation and policies as requested using the Microsoft Office suite of documents.
  • Create, collate and maintain confidential electronic records systems on the business portal or cloud.
  • Management of email accounts, filtering out marketing and unimportant emails so you get to focus on the key ones you have to act upon.

Let me help you gain precious time back, by using my energies, for you to achieve and make the most of all your life!

Executive remote support for all sizes of business with you dealing directly with your business projects and clients

  • Compiling data presentations using word or PowerPoint. These may range from summarising your key points from a project, to presenting raw data highlighting what needs to be focused upon.
  • Assist with arrangements, quotes and costings for specific projects external to the business, to ensure matters arising from meetings are dealt with promptly by the appropriate people and within agreed time frames.
  • Conduct travel research for your business trips and holidays with transport and hotels finding the most suitable for your needs.
  • Complete organising of special occasions and events for your business or social life.

Logistical support

for business leaders with their home environments

Executive and personal assistant

support at the workplace

Virtual support

remotely for business and home life