Remote Business Support

Busy lives! is happy to work remotely on many tasks on your behalf, not taking up additional space at your business which you may not have the space for.

Regardless of your size of business I can solve your problems, cater for your needs and address the work you know needs doing you have not got the time to do yourself.

Most popular pain points that businesses use me for as their solution:

  • Data entry, analysis and reports of key findings and actions now required. (My favourite!)
  • Updating and consistently formatting business papers, policies and forms.
  • Business research and summaries.
  • Report writing and policy creation.
  • Consultant training resources, materials and cards.
  • Handwritten services for cards, letters, envelopes.
  • Social Media bank of graphics which incorporate your brand logo and content.

Other areas of remote business support

  • Word processing and typing.
  • Compiling presentations using Word or PowerPoint.
  • Document creation.
  • Website review and competitor comparison.
  • Data analysis, presentations and reports.
  • Database work compiling, centralising and removing duplications.
  • Electronic File organisation.
  • Writing Business Plans
  • ‘X’ in the Spotlight via ‘Zoom!’
  • LinkedIn profile / Google my business content updates.
  • Business support for with your own paperwork.

Every business is unique, what do you struggle to do consistently or always put off ?

Something else you need help with just ask!


Length – bookings taken from an hour remote business support upwards.

Duration –  can be a one-off, weekly, monthly or timings that suit you and your business.

Location – this is done remotely from my home. Please be assured you will always receive excellent value for money.

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