Executive support at your business

How I can help you?

I will play a key role assisting you with your workload to enable you to concentrate on the strategic work with the smooth running of your business. This can range from large scale project management to researching and compiling written reports. I will provide an efficient, effective and fully comprehensive executive support leadership, initiative, administrative and secretarial support to ease your workload during your busiest periods.

I will provide professional cover for your business if your employed executive support / personal assistant is not currently at work due to vacation or illness. I will demonstrate professional conduct at all times, respecting and adhering to confidentiality.


Telephone: 07565 722 031

Duties I am able to help ease your workload through

Executive support for you with your own paperwork and organisation

  • Deal personally with all matters confidential to you and maintain personal diaries, clear and effective filing systems, and other documents, ensuring security, particularly of confidential and personal papers.
  • Provide efficient and accurate executive support by preparing papers for meetings, liaising with members, taking accurate minutes, and either circulating or storing papers as directed.
  • Co-ordinate the communication flow between the senior business team, internal and external contacts.
  • Research legislation and policy as requested which the business may need to adopt and provide the business with background papers on the key requirements.
  • Produce documentation and policies as requested using the Microsoft Office suite of documents.
  • Create, collate and maintain confidential paper and electronic records systems.
  • Input information and data for the business and produce summaries either through presentation, verbally or in report in a format which is appropriate for the receiving audience.
  • Ensure all security procedures and confidentiality of all documentation adheres GRDP (May 2018).

Executive support for you dealing directly with your business projects and clients

  • Project management. This can be from introducing new systems and procedures throughout your business, to the project management involved in moving to new premises or managing the refurbishment of a newly acquired site.
  • Assist with arrangements, quotes and costings for specific project and budget areas.
  • Proactively chase progress on projects both within and external to your business, to ensure matters arising from meetings are dealt with promptly by the appropriate people and within agreed time frames.
  • Support your business in organisation and hospitality of special events.
  • Greet clients and visitors to your business with a happy and positive welcome experience to ensure they are impressed by the firm their needs are met and that all meetings run smoothly.
  • Assist clients with urgent sensitive issues or concerns relating to your business making appropriate arrangements for these to be followed through to conclusion.
  • Create and conduct feedback satisfaction and self-improvement surveys for different audiences. Summarise and report on key findings.

Executive support for you with your recruitment and retention of staff

  • Be responsible for the publicity and administrative work concerning recruitment of staff. This includes:
    • management of the sequence of dates for the advert, closing date, shortlisting and interview with the placement of adverts
    • managing application requests and responses
    • organising interview panels and hospitality
    • redrafting interview and reference letters
    • preparation of interview timings, questions and tasks
    • arrangement of suitable rooms for tasks and the interview
    • collation of application packs for the interview panel and chasing references as necessary
  • Conduct staff appraisal on your behalf.
  • Respond positively with tact, sensitivity and self-awareness to your employees in the business in relation to duties undertaken and matters that arise.

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Virtual support

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