Premises Business Support

Busy Lives! is able to play a key role assisting you with your workload to enable you to concentrate on the strategic work with the smooth running of your business. I provide an efficient, effective and fully comprehensive business support service.

What are the pain points in your business for you?

Most Popular business pain points that Businesses use me for as their solution:

  • Minute taking.
  • Organisation of all your paperwork, folders, filing and archiving systems.
  • Business paperwork and administration.
  • Budgeting, ordering, tracking expenditure, Invoicing entry on QuickBooks, Xero or Excel.
  • Data entry or analysis on the business and reporting back to you key finding and information.
  • Business forms / proforma’s / templates consistently formatted and updated as required.
  • Creation of clear and effective systems that will work for you.

Every business is unique. Something else you need help with just ask!

Something else you need help with just ask!

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Other areas of premises business support

  • Managing all your financial associated paperwork.
  • Business support for the running of the business.
  • Support for your projects and liaising with clients.
  • Planning and organisation of key events.
  • Strategic planning against key performance indicators.
  • Setting up and organising an efficient work office at your premises or home.
  • Report writing and policy creation.

Download how to set up an efficient home office & the key tasks every business owner should do


Length – bookings taken from a ½ day business support upwards.

Duration – can be a one-off, weekly, monthly or timings that suit you and your business.

Location – at your business premises or at your home if that is where your office is based.

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