Business Research & Marketing Strategy


‘I asked Karen at Busy Lives to complete a project for me that involved doing the research for and contacting prospective new clients. Karen is diligent, professional and reliable. She is eager to get the best outcome and worked exactly to the brief we agreed. I’ve been really pleased with the results of Karen’s work. Highly recommended.’

Claudine Jackson

Trent Wills & Estates

West Bridgford, Nottingham


To have 10 new businesses on board by the end of the year which agree to facilitate Trent Wills & Estates visiting three times a year to provide:

  • a ten-minute drop-in clinic for employees.
  • lunchtime talk / talk at a convenient time that suits the business.

The Employer would need to provide a suitable room for both of these to take place.

Benefits to the Employer

  • There would be no charge to the employer for this service.
  • Would be an excellent opportunity for the employer to demonstrate they care about their employees.
  • Their staff will receive access to free information and advice regarding wills.
  • Motivate staff to have a will written and in place for their families and themselves as opposed to something they will get around to in the future.


Busy Lives! Strategy: Target Market

Task 1

  • Target 60 businesses
  • Businesses with 100+ employees.
  • Location to be within a 25-mile radius of West Bridgford.
  • Businesses initially with the Investors in People or equivalent awards primarily (demonstrate they care)
  • Record and track companies explored and viability within excel.

Task 2

  • Research through Company websites / LinkedIn of what is already in place / can be built upon as a further benefit.
  • Find individual within HR departments / Named member of staff with responsibility for their health and Wellbeing.
  • Summarise what well-being is already in place and if a Will and Estate service is already in place.

Experimental Marketing / Randomised Controlled Trail

Task 3

  • x60 businesses to be divided into two groups – x30 cold calling / x30 postal communication
  • x30 cold calling to be sub-divided further into two groups – x15 call from female / x15 call from male
  • x30 postal communication to be sub-divided further into two groups – x15 electronic letter with flyer / x15 had written letter with flyer
  • Uptake to be recorded on excel

Task 4

  • Appointment dates booked into diary
  • Impact summary on most effective marketing method
  • Review of work undertaken


Project Fixed Duration and Fees

  • Three days’ work agreed on this.
  • Agreed fee as reflected in the Freelance contract for Busy Lives!
  • Headed paper, envelopes and x30 first class stamps to be provided by Client to Busy Lives!


Possible future work

  • Option of spotlight interview to be used on social media in the future.
  • Additional work as requested by Client.


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