Updating  &  Formatting  Business Papers

Updating & Formatting Business Papers


Karen is supremely organised, unflappable and a pleasure to work with. She has bags of initiative and has made some really useful suggestions and contributions. She is professional and friendly and has been a valued member of the team supporting us through a busier than usual period. I would highly recommend Karen and her services to any business owners or businesses. She is a real asset. Thank you Karen!

Sarah Loates

Loates HR Consultancy / Loates HR Training

Darley Abbey, Derbyshire


I just want to thank Karen so much for helping me get my business back on track and for getting to the bottom of what I needed to help my business move forward. She had the amazing ability to help and advise me in the most positive, warm and supportive manner.

Rebecca Hart

Dance Equation

West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire


Example of papers formatted and updated:

Create / take existing documentation, edit, update, standardise brand formatting and layout throughout on the following documents:

  • Freelance Contract Agreement
  • Dance Teacher Booking and Invoice Form
  • Code of Conduct Statement
  • GRDP consent form for clients
  • GRDP consent form for Freelance Dancers
  • GRDP consent evidence excel file for compliance
  • School Booking Form A – 2 pages
  • School Booking Form B –includes the pricing & deposit information
  • Invoice master
  • Invoice master acknowledging a previous deposit
  • Risk Assessment for school bookings
  • Risk Assessment for Performances & workshops



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