Website  & Competitor  Review

Website & Competitor Review

Website & Competitor Review – About This Service

The quality of your business website is really important, as it forms part of your online reputation & how people find out more about you.
I’ve created a three-stage review to help you make the most of it to attract new clients:
Stage 1- A checklist to assess how effective it runs alongside those vital key messages about you & your business.
Stage 2- An evaluation on how effective your website is against your current competitors in the marketplace, you choose if this is local or national.
Stage 3- Recommended actions to take along with general thoughts & ideas how you can develop it further.
Why not have the best website for your service or product, leaving your competitors behind?


Website & Competitor Review

Nottinghamshire Based Commercial XXX Competitors Website Comparison

General thoughts and ideas you could develop:

  • Look at the strengths of your three main challengers and ensure in time your site becomes stronger than theirs.
  • Equally, the comments written in the weakness column can be used as a check list to make sure your site isn’t like that!
  • Have information about the contract types & payment options you offer i.e. 6 months, 1, 3, 5 years.
  • Gallery page that demonstrates different local building types you’ve taken on and have contracts with (taken on a sunny day that shows them off to full potential with shiny windows – could even use it as a pitch to let the client or prospective client also have an electronic copy of the picture taken for their literature! I know a great X on LinkedIn XX who may be worth using).
  • H&S page look at Strawberry as this is a good example, you could develop on from this easily and also talk about your insurance coverage.
  • Case studies on the site could reflect the different areas of the Country as you grow as clients would recognise buildings in their area in addition to the company’s logo.


Recommended actions to taken when website is next edited:

  1. Address checklist from page one of this document with your website developer.
  2. Privacy & cookies policy needs to be added to the site.
  3. Home page is long with too much content this which would be better as a bulleted summary and link then created which then fed through to the detail elsewhere on the site.
  4. Clear value proposition statement to be written above the fold line on the home page.
  5. Service page – 3 boxes not working or having an impact. Not clear on traditional offer, if you do abseil as well etc.
  6. Locations page – space missing after some of the ‘,’ within your lists – could this be shortened further to your key Cities as you grow i.e. Manchester and a 50-mile radius around it?
  7. DBS sitting in the wrong place needs adding in your hyperlinks row, remove G+ and the two currently not working restored.
  8. Ensure your facts stated are consistent. Contradiction on pages – one says you do 70ft. one 100ft.
  9. Your niche needs to be much stronger throughout the site i.e. longest pole system which means that X metre buildings can be professionally cleaned / purified water etc. one of the other sites does 70 feet.
  10. Page created about you including a business portfolio statement about yourself. This could also then scroll down and show a professional picture of those working for you with three quirky statements i.e. what they love about the job, type of buildings they prefer to clean, what they like to do in their own time (within reason! remembering your target market!)


Points to note:

This simple analysis has been completed in a professional and non-bias way. If a new client who earned a commercial set of businesses asked me to perform a tendering process to find a commercial XXX company, this is the sort of exercise I would perform and then follow through enquiries with those rated as good inviting them to submit a tender.

Most company boards will insist on three quotes/tenders to be submitted before they make a final decision on who to use for best value. Currently, from the Nottingham area you could be missing out as there are three commercial XXX websites who have a much stronger presence than yours.

Although ‘XXX’ website is not currently used to drive new business opportunity it could still be missing out from potential commercial clients who increasingly commence their searches for services digitally in the first instance.


Additional Analysis Service


If your website has ‘Google Analytics’ and ‘Google Optimize’ installed I am also able to conduct a performance analysis of the traffic to your site and which pages get views for instance.

I have used Busy Lives! performance in its first year as an example of this.

Google Analytics – Website Headlines

Analysis of the first 12 months of a business (2018/2019)

  • Direct impact as a result of networking with name and business card given out to people who then go and do a direct search to the website. 45% of the overall traffic.
  • Organic searches account for 38% of the overall traffic.
  • Social Media after a first-year accounts for 15% of overall traffic.
  • The Home page on the website is by far the most visited site X sessions.
  • ‘About Me’ second highest page visited.
  • Blog Post Page:
    • Traffic is definitely being generated by people visiting the Blog page. Continue with the monthly post.
    • Traffic to the blogs definitely reflects the increased numbers through social media.
  • Case studies page which went up @July haven’t had any impact with an extremely low traffic to it.
  • Top three performing months in the last year: Dec 18 / Apr 19 / Oct 19











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