Top Tips for a stress free UK Self-Catering Holiday

Top Tips for a stress free UK Self-Catering Holiday

I have been reading recently on Social Media that having ‘To do’ lists can add to your stress and anxiety by putting additional pressure on yourself. However, not having one when appropriate can potentially lead to forgetting really important items and then chaos follows….

The time leading up to every holiday away should evoke emotions of being really excited as opposed to being stressed- trying to remember everything you need to pack.

I created three key item lists years ago for:

  1. UK Self-catering holidays
  2. Food – 1 week / 2 weeks / 3 weeks +
  3. Holidays abroad


UK Self Catering Holiday Packing Essentials to Remember.

The list at the end of this blog has always worked really effectively for me. The key to it is- if you use this or create your own- is that it needs to reflect how you and who you are travelling with like spending your time.

Why it works:

  1. All I need to do is to tweak the list if needed each year.
  2. When I started the list and had forgotten items, I simply added them when I got back to the master, so that the same thing was not forgotten again on the next holiday.
  3. I print out the list a week before I go away, start to gather items and cross off the list as I put them in the holiday bags so that there isn’t one last mad rush to get everything.
  4. It is also useful to have for packing at the end of the holiday, so you do not leave anything behind i.e. dog leads!

Last minute to do’s!

  1. Check the doors, windows and side gates are all locked.
  2. Check there is nothing in the fridge that will have gone off and smell before you get back home.
  3. Empty the bins in the house.
  4. Use timers for lights and appliances.
  5. Leave some sound on for burglars!

UK Self-Catering Holiday Food

If you have a large family or have multiple dogs going away with you, the space in your vehicle is greatly reduced. For this reason, I have always done on-line shopping booked in advance of the holiday which has worked really well (although if you know the area has a great butcher or farm shop just take them off that list and create another).

You can buy your food when you get there but if it is a location you have not visited before, you cannot always guarantee the shops will have all the ingredients you need. We love cooking so relying on a maybe, does not work for us.

With holidays being really special I map out the meals for the duration each day in advance. I always intentionally leaving a few blanks for a meal out or our famous Great British ‘Fish ‘n’ Chips!’

Secret tips:

  • ask everyone who is going away with you for their favourite meals relevant for the time of year you are going away.
  • Allocate a day for their favourite meal.
  • Scan a copy of the recipe if you need it – this is much better than having to pack and taking several cook books which will take up space in your vehicle.
  • Write down all the ingredients onto your list for your pre-order.
  • Book the delivery slot for around two hours after you have gained access to the property. This will give you enough time to have unpacked first.

Last key top tip:

Let the person who has got the best spatial awareness who is going on holiday pack the car! It can really make the difference between being able to close the boot or not!

My holiday essentials check list:

(You may well laugh at some of the items, but that’s ok. I hope you find it useful)

Remember to pack & take
After Sun
Beach Towels
Biro & Pencil
Bottle opener
Chairs for beach
Deep Heat
Dishwasher tablets
Dog blankets
Dog bowls
Dog food
Dog Poo Bags!
Dog shampoo
Dog toys
Epsom salts
Freezer Bags
Frying pan large – silver
Garlic press
Glasses – reading
I-Pad charger
Insect Repellent
Kitchen Roll
Large serving spoon for curry etc.
Lime grater
Phone Charger
Purse & Wallet
Pyrex Bowl
Ruck Sacks
Sharp Knife
Silver Foil
Sun Cream
Sun Glasses
Swimming Costumes
Swimming Googles
Water bottles
Wind Break
Wine glasses – large

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