Support for Small Business Owners

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Support for Small Business Owners – Helping you focus on growing your business!

Busy Lives! understands how busy Small Business Owners get when trying to grow their business and can often drown under the weight of all the paperwork and admin tasks that you need to stay on top of. I can help you work ON your business, not in the minutiae of the business

I can help you concentrate on what your business needs to be more organised, effective and accessible by both yourself and your customers. I love research and ensuring regulatory information is at your fingertips. I can help onsite or through working remotely – an extra pair of hands when you need it most.

Why not put me to the test – let’s have a chat and see how I can help your business with a little TLC this year. Call me on 07565 722 031


Support for Small Business Owners:

  1. Invoicing & Payment Chasing
  2. Adding Bills & Receipts
  3. Reconciliation
  4. Reporting on the Information you need to run your business
  5. Creating & Maintaining Customer Databases
  6. Analysing and Reporting on Feedback forms and Customer response
  7. Competitor research / Website research
  8. Sorting & Archiving old Records to make space
  9. Sorting post and general Admin Support – letters, correspondence.


Length bookings can be taken for 3+ hours for business support upwards.  I am passionate about helping Small Business Owners to free up time spent on admin tasks that I can do for them – letting them spend time building up the business.

Recently I was able to help a Small Business gain back 8 hours of admin time per month and understand where clients were coming from, invoices raised, payments chased and database updated.

Duration – I can provide one-off, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or timings that suit you and your business. 

Location at your office or I can work remotely

If you are drowning under a mountain of paperwork, Busy Lives! Nottingham can help take away the strain and give you precious time back. Let’s have a coffee and see how I can help – call me on 07565 722 031 or Contact Me

Admin Support for Small Business Owners, Busy Lives! Nottingham, Outsourced Admin Support
Support for Garages - BusyLives! Nottingham, Outsourced Admin Support
Support for Garages - Admin Support, Busy Lives! Nottingham
Support for Garages - Admin Support, Busy Lives! Nottingham

Busy Lives! Nottingham To-Do List & Pen


If you would like a free Busy Lives! ‘To do’ list pad and pen please send me your name and postal address to Contact Us or  call me on 07565 722 031

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